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  • Studnet and Faculty member

    A student and faculty member

  • A breakout group discusses an assignment

    A breakout group discusses an assignment

  • A breakout group presents to the class

    A breakout group presents to the class

  • Student examine inventory in the Practice Center

    Students examine inventory in the Practice Center

College of Pharmacy

Touro’s College of Pharmacy has a unique curricular approach: student centered, technologically advanced and interactive. Our rigorous curriculum emphasizes pharmaceutical care, pharmacy systems management and public health implications. Students can enrich their experience with research projects and elective rotations.

Two full years of pharmacy clerkships, built upon two years of didactic coursework, prepare our students for contemporary pharmacy practice and post-graduate learning. Our highly competitive program attracts applicants from across the country. The results speak for themselves. Our students excel in their coursework, fieldwork, and statewide pharmacy competitions and licensure examinations.

A strong regional network provides ample opportunities for clinical rotations. Students work with faculty who model competent, caring, ethical practice, effective communication, teamwork and dedication to superb pharmaceutical care in hospitals and community pharmacies. Our Touro faculty are also respected scholars, recognized for research and contributions to professional publications.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Touro University California does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation,  or any other characteristic protected by law in employment, or in  admission, treatment or access to its educational programs or activities.

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