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 Touro University California College of Pharmacy

Touro University California College of Pharmacy

About Us


1310 Club Drive, Mare Island/Vallejo, California 94592

Touro University California

Established in 1997, Touro University California offers graduate degrees in osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, nursing, public health and education. The mission of Touro University is to educate caring professionals to serve, to lead and to teach. Students from diverse backgrounds are recruited nationally to create a dynamic, robust learning environment.

The Touro College and University System is comprised of Jewish-sponsored non-profit institutions of higher and professional education. Touro College was chartered in 1970 primarily to enrich the Jewish heritage, and to serve the larger American community. Approximately 19,000 students are currently enrolled in its various schools and divisions. Touro College has branch campuses, locations and instructional sites in the New York area, as well as branch campuses and programs in Berlin, Jerusalem, Moscow, Paris, and Florida. Touro University California and its Nevada branch campus, as well as Touro College Los Angeles and Touro University Worldwide, are separately accredited institutions within the Touro College and University System.

Reasons to attend Touro College of Pharmacy 

  • Opportunity to be a part of the Touro University College of Pharmacy's accredited PharmD Program.
  • 2+2 curriculum provides an additional year of clerkships to produce a clinically mature graduate.
  • Small class size creates strong personal relationships with professors and classmates.
  • Each incoming class is organized into teams that work together on active learning projects.
  • Unique Pharmacy Learning Center combines interactive and technologically advanced classroom and discussion spaces.
  • Bay Area location provides easy access to San Francisco and other Bay Area cultural, sports and outdoor attractions.
  • Close-by pharmacy practice experiences occur within a 45-mile radius of the campus.
  • Integrated curriculum makes the connections between scientific knowledge and pharmacy practice.
  • Extended 19-week semesters decompress the learning experience.
  • Laptop program promotes the widespread use of the Internet and other computer-based educational resources.

Information for Incoming & Prospective Students

PharmD and PharmD/MPH

MS Medical Health Sciences


 Mission Statement - 

  • To benefit society through its programs in pharmacy education, research, scholarship, and service. 
  • To prepare our students to become competent, caring and ethical pharmacists dedicated to optimizing health care outcomes.
  • To develop students and faculty to be leaders and provide them with the tools to practice effectively and be role models in a wide variety of professional settings. 
  • To promote life-long learning in a culture of collegiality, respect, and diversity.

 Vision - 

  • Touro University California – inspirational teaching and scholarship, transformative leadership, exemplary service.

 Goals -

  • Produce pharmacists who possess the competencies necessary for the provision of pharmacist-delivered patient care, including medication therapy management services.
  • Develop faculty, student, and alumni leaders who will accept responsibility for providing care, advance the practice of pharmacy and its contributions to society and represent the pharmacy profession to other health professions and the public.
  • Promote the professional development of our faculty in teaching, research and other scholarly activities, and service.
  • Practice continuous quality improvement through assessment and evaluation of desired outcomes in all phases of operations.
  • Foster a learning environment that promotes critical thinking and is responsive to the diverse learning style of students.
  • Sustain a culture of equity, respect, and understanding by recruiting faculty, staff and students who are diverse.
  • Incorporate collegiality as a central value in relationships among and between faculty, students and other health professionals.
  • Utilize informatics and technology as a means to advance pharmacy practice and improve health care outcomes.
  • Instill a commitment to life-long learning, through participation in professional organizations, professional exchanges, publications, and professional development.
  • Be recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for excellence in our endeavors.

Our Viewbooks

Mare Island

Mare Island, nestled on the northerly extension of San Francisco Bay, embraces a history that spans more than 150 years. In 1854, this historical site was the first permanent U.S. Navy installation on the West Coast, established on the island under the leadership of Commander David G. Farragut. The Mare Island Base Hospital, a National Historic Landmark, was constructed in 1899 on the foundation of an even older navy hospital; this Beaux Arts-style building still stands today on campus. Since the mid-19th century, naval workers built more than 500 ships on the island, including the first U.S. warship built on the West Coast, and the only U.S. battleship ever built on the West Coast, the California.

The federal government closed the Naval Station in 1993. Six years later, Touro College moved the newly founded College of Osteopathic Medicine from San Francisco to a site on the southern portion of the base. The 44-acre property with its 23 buildings provided ample space for the university’s continued growth. Historic buildings on campus honor the naval history: Farragut Inn, the former Officer’s Club, now houses the university admissions department; Wilderman Hall, built in the Mission Revival style and named after Commander Alvin Wilderman, was once Bachelor’s Officers Quarters and is now administrative offices.

The story of Mare Island is truly one of turning swords into plowshares, from building warships to teaching leaders in education and healing. As home to Touro University California, Mare Island is yet again making history.

December 2017 - Aerial footage of Vallejo waterfront & Mare Island.  Credit - Visit Vallejo

January 2018 - Mare Island, California.  Credit - Visit Vallejo




Learn more about Touro University California College of Pharmacy (videos)


Touro University California College of Pharmacy 

Student testimonials, March 2015

Directed by: Roger Tanioka (PharmD, Class of 2017).  Edited by: I-Kuan Hsu (PharmD, Class of 2017).  Video footage courtesy: Kathy Nguyen (PharmD, Class of 2018).  Music by Michael Relaxdaily (https://soundcloud.com/relaxdaily)

Touro University California College of Pharmacy 

Touro University California: Who's Gonna Escape to Seminar?
2014 CSHP Seminar Music Video Competition: 1st Place 

The Touro University California College of Pharmacy presents a mash-up of two songs highlighting the importance of medication adherence, MTM services, and being up to date with current pharmacy news.  (Written by: Josephine Chi, Terry Pang, Punam Patel, Benjamin Yu)


Touro University California College of Pharmacy 

Message from Dean Rae Matsumoto, November 2014 


Touro University California College of Pharmacy 

Script Your Future, 2014


Touro University California College of Pharmacy 

Touro University California Health Fair: Prescription for Service Competition 2014

Published on July 8, 2014

SNPhA and Student Run Free Clinic hosted a free health fair in Vallejo on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon providing blood pressure screenings, blood glucose testing, weight management, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and much more.



Touro University California College of Pharmacy 

What does a pharmacist do?
Featuring the faculty of Touro University California College of Pharmacy.

Published on October 21, 2013

Directors: Steven Van, Victor Pham. Featuring: Dr. Keith Yoshizuka, Dr. Layla Yousify, Dr. Lucinda Chan, Adrian Wong, Dr. Eric Ip



Communities where our students reside


American Canyon, California (8.1 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

American Canyon Online (community)

Benicia, California (11.8 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Berkeley, California (25.4 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website


Davis, California (46.9 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Cordelia, California (15.1 miles)  
Crockett, California (8.8 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Dixon, California (39.4 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Fairfield, California (20.3 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Mare Island, California

City profile (Wikipedia)

Mare Island (official city website)

Discover Mare Island (website)

Mare Island Historic Park Foundation

Mare Island Museum (website)

Martinez, California (16.1 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Napa, California (17 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Oakland, California (29.1 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Sacramento, California (60.2 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

San Francisco, California (35 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Ferry Service (SF to Vallejo)

San Rafael, California (28.1 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Suisun, California (21 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Visit Suisun City (website)

Amtrak station

Tracy, California  
Vacaville, California (27.9 miles)

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

Vallejo, California

City profile (Wikipedia)

Official city website

 Download PDF

Student Performance Data & Accreditation (PDF)

Updated July 2019 

 Download PDF

Grievance Policy (PDF)


Non-Discrimination Policy

Touro University California does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy or childbirth), gender identity or expression, marital status, disability, medical condition, genetic information, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, veteran status, or any other status characteristic protected by applicable laws in employment, or in admission, treatment or access to educational programs or activities.

To the extent provided by law, the university will reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with disabilities which meet the legal standards for documentation, whenever the individual is otherwise qualified to safely perform all essential functions of the position and meet the academic program technical standards.

This notice is given pursuant to the requirements of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Clery Act of 1998.  For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/CFAPPS/OCR/contactus.cfm for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.

The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies.  Please note that contact information listed here is for discrimination inquiries only.  Please contact the Office of Admissions for admissions related inquiries.

Kathy Lowe
Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator
Touro University California
1310 Club Drive
Vallejo, CA 94592
(707) 638-5806

Dr. Steven Jacobson
Dean of Student Affairs
Touro University California
1310 Club Drive
Vallejo, CA 94592
(707) 638-5226

Dr. James Binkerd
Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Touro University California
1310 Club Drive
Vallejo, CA 94592
(707) 638-5883



Touro University California College of Pharmacy

Open House - Friday, October 25, 2019

COP Info Sessions

Upcoming Virtual Information Sessions - Wednesdays 6-7pm (PST)

OCTOBER 23, 2019

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

Link - https://zoom.us/j/6454950002

Contact Anthony Williams, Recruiter at anthony.williams@tu.edu for more information.

Outreach Events

OCT 10 - San Jose State University

OCT 12 - Sonoma State University

OCT 16 - San Francisco State University

OCT 19 - UC Davis Pre-Health Conference


JAN 19 - UC Irvine Pre Pharmacy Day

Contact Anthony Williams, Recruiter at anthony.williams@tu.edu for more information.


"Touro University California College of Pharmacy PharmD 2+2 is a two year academic didactic and two year experiential rotation program. I have had the wonderful support of the program to grow from a pharmacy student to practitioner. The program has been amazing in supporting its students in all their endeavors, and many of the talented faculty have served as wonderful mentors. One of the highlights of the program is having experiential experiences intertwined throughout the curriculum and the two year rotation schedule. This allots students for additional preparation in clinical practice before transitioning into the career."

- Jasmine Reber, PharmD

Touro University California College of Pharmacy, Class of 2016

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Touro University California College of Pharmacy Student Data

Student Performance Data & Accreditation Information

Download Student Performance Data & Accreditation  22-July-2019

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