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 Touro University California College of Pharmacy

Touro University California College of Pharmacy

PharmD (2+2 program)


Touro University California (TUC) College of Pharmacy’s “2+2” curriculum is the only curriculum like this out of the 140+ pharmacy programs in the US. Based on the medical school model of training, the curriculum involves only 2 years of classroom learning plus 2 years of advanced experiential learning (aka, rotations). Most other pharmacy programs have you spend 3 years in the classroom with only 1 year of rotations. 

  • More Clinical Experience: This means that more of your time is spent in the field, learning side-by-side with experienced pharmacists…in fact, we offer almost twice the amount of clinical, hands-on training than other pharmacy schools. 
  • More Learning: This means that you have more time to take the concepts and facts from the classroom and apply them to real patients. 
  • More Opportunities to find yourself: It also means that you have MORE electives to take in different areas, therefore, you can explore the variety of career paths that the profession of pharmacy can offer to you.

The TUC College of Pharmacy has an integrated curriculum for the classroom years. This means that the courses across disciplines are synchronized with each other. For example, when you learn about diabetes, you don’t learn part of it here and part of it there over a three-year period…and forget what you learned from one lecture to the next. Instead, you learn about what causes diabetes, how diabetes impacts the body, how the medications for diabetes work, and how to choose the best medications to help patients with diabetes…all in a couple of days. This is the cornerstone of how our curriculum works, and how our students learn.

When our students graduate, they are ready to practice in a wide variety of pharmacy settings: 

  • Traditional careers (such as community pharmacies and hospitals) 
  • Independent Pharmacy Ownership
  • Home Health
  • Managed Care
  • Internal Medicine (Clinical/Bedside)
  • Ambulatory Care (Family Medicine)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Academia
  • Armed Services (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, etc)
  • NASA
  • Medical News Organizations

Touro University College of Pharmacy is a great place to start a long and fulfilling career!!





"Becoming a pharmacist is important to me because several of my loved ones require drug therapy. About every five years or so, someone I care for receives a cancer diagnosis and undergoes chemotherapy. Recently, my childhood friend passed away due to complications of her aggressive brain tumor. Although physicians prescribe the medication, it is ultimately the pharmacist that thoroughly inspects each one for safety and efficacy before dispensing them. I am in pharmacy because I understand the profound effect medicine has on prolonging life. I want to ensure that therapy regimens are optimized so patients are given more time with the people that matter.

Cynthia Yee, PharmD
Touro University California College of Pharmacy, Class of 2020

"Touro University California is a two year academic didactic and two year experiential rotation program. I have had the wonderful support of the program to grow from a pharmacy student to practitioner. The program has been amazing in supporting its students in all their endeavors, and many of the talented faculty have served as wonderful mentors. One of the highlights of the program is having experiential experiences intertwined throughout the curriculum and the two year rotation schedule. This allots students for additional preparation in clinical practice before transitioning into the career."

- Jasmine Reber, PharmD,
Touro University California College of Pharmacy, Class of 2016

"TOURO STUDENTS ARE AMAZING.  I recently precepted 2 students and 2 residents.  Both Touro students outperformed one of the residents.  They were motivated, enthusiastic, and active learners who conducted very high level critical thinking skills that even impressed the residents.  Both written and verbal communications were at or above the level of the residents, who are both from a top ranked pharmacy school.  The students exceeded my expectations while I was underwhelmed by the resident." 

Ellena Mar, PharmD, APh, BCACP
Clinical Pharmacist
Pharmacy Clinical Rotation Primary Preceptor for Students & Residents
Touro University - California: College of Pharmacy - Adjunct Professor, Dept of Clinical Sciences
Touro University - California: College of Pharmacy - Charter Class of 2009 Member & Valedictorian




It is an exciting time to launch a career as a pharmacist.  

What kind of pharmacist do you want to be?  

Do you envision yourself working in a community setting, in a hospital, for the government, or even running your own business?  Do you see yourself working with patients, influencing healthcare policies, or developing new pharmaceuticals?

Graduates from the Touro University California College of Pharmacy have done all these things and more.

Never before have there been more opportunities for pharmacists to work in diverse settings, and to influence the scope of their practice.  The knowledge and skills that you gain during your four years in pharmacy school will help shape your future and prepare you to succeed in a dynamic and evolving healthcare environment.

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of our patients and the communities we serve.

Demographics of the Class of 2021

  • 100% have bachelor’s degree
  • 8% have master’s degree
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.19
  • Average age of 25
  • About 90% are bilingual
  • Over 90% graduated from a university in California

Reasons for selecting Touro

  • Innovative 2+2 program that offers two full years of clinical experiences, more than any other pharmacy school in the country
  • Outstanding professional and personal development opportunities give EVERY student the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential
  • Practice ready graduates who are in high demand by employers
  • Commitment to serving a diverse study body and patient population


Connect to

Doctor of Pharmacy Admissions (click here)


2+2 PharmD Curriculum 

 Touro University California College of Pharmacy

Touro University California College of Pharmacy

2+2 PharmD Curriculum


Year 1 & 2 -


Didactics - The first two years of the program focus on developing a strong foundational knowledge base.  Content is delivered in the classroom, complemented by activities emphasizing synthesis of information & team building, technical and professional skills in a simulated pharmacy practice environment, and introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE).


Year 3 & 4 -


Clinical rotations - The last two years of the program are devoted to clinical practice rotations.  The Touro University California College of Pharmacy offers about 500 rotation options.  The rotations are divided into required rotations, elective rotations, and open periods. Two rotations are required in the settings in which graduates are most likely to be employed - Community Practice 1 and 2, Acute Care 1 and 2, and Ambulatory Care 1 and 2.  Students are expected to acquire basic competencies in the first sequence of the required rotations.  During the second rotation in a required practice setting, students reinforce basic skills and are expected to acquire more advanced, complex skills (APPE).


The structure of the 2+2 program helps students at Touro University California make informed decisions about their future careers, and be effective in diverse pharmacy practice settings when they graduate.


Professional Development

Students participate in co-curricular activities which may include -

  • Legislative Day
  • Career Fairs
  • professional organizations and clubs
  • research
  • community service projects

Our students have won national awards recognizing their leadership, community service, research, and clinical skills.  



Additional degree opportunities

To apply



Pharmacists are required to be licensed by the states in which they practice. Each state has its own requirements for granting licensure and its own licensing board. California law requires that applicants for pharmacist licensure have completed 1500 intern hours in various pharmacy practice settings in order to sit for licensure examination. (B&P §4200(a)(5)). The Touro University College of Pharmacy program affords the student the opportunity to complete the number of hours needed to satisfy the California pharmacy board requirement. Generally, a license can be obtained by successful completion of exams administered by the NORTH AMERICAN PHARMACIST LICENSURE EXAMINATION™ (NAPLEX®) and a California law examination.


Preceptor Information

The Pharmacy Experiential Education Department has provided a network of information for preceptors.  In addition to the Experiential Rotation manual, preceptors are granted access to E*Value, which is the Experiential department's internet website for preceptor and student information.

Touro provides preceptor training quarterly newsletters and access to online library resources for adjunct faculty members. Experiential coordinators are also available for on-site visits, and the team is in dedicated to establishing good communication with our valuable preceptors.

To set up a site visit, or for questions or concerns, please contact the Experiential Team at copexpadmin@tu.edu.


Touro University California College of Pharmacy

Explore Our View Book

Explore Our View Book

Information for incoming & prospective students, click here


Campus Visit & Tours


We welcome visitors to our campus.  To ensure you are accommodated, we ask that you contact our Outreach Specialist (Anthony Williams) so that we meet your needs.


Learn about

Mobile Diabetes Education Center (MOBEC)

The Touro Mobile Diabetes Education Center (MOBEC), is a state-of-the-art mobile trailer operated by Touro University California Diabetes Research and Management (DREAM) team with the help of student volunteers to bring FREE diabetes screening and education to the people of Solano County. Through the use of this mobile education center, we aim to break the barrier between healthcare providers and community members in the prevention of diabetes. We provide not only diabetes screening for members of the community who may not otherwise have adequate access to healthcare but also education to the public about their risk factors, thus aiming to prevent diabetes and prediabetes in their lives.

Student Run Free Clinic

A free clinic organized and staffed by students from Touro University California.  A licensed clinician provides direct, on-site supervision.

The SRFC was developed in order to foster a relationship between the city of Vallejo and Touro University by providing a valuable resource for low-income residents of Vallejo. After conversations with local healthcare stakeholders, several barriers to healthcare access were identified. The most significant ones include: a lack of after-hours care, insufficient medical insurance, inadequate transportation to healthcare facilities, cultural stigmas, a significant language barrier in Spanish and other languages, and poor health literacy. The SRFC has resolved to overcome these barriers to healthcare in Vallejo.

Students benefit by practicing their clinical skills through increased patient contact, developing interprofessional leadership and teamwork skills, and gaining direct experience of the social, economic and cultural challenges that impact healthcare. The SRFC offers a dynamic educational environment for students as well as compassionate service to our local community.



Student Performance & Accreditation Information

Download Student Performance Data & Accreditation 25-August-2021





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