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Dear student pharmacists,

I want to recognize you our future pharmacists, our staff and faculty that support you, and all Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, in celebrating National Pharmacy Week.  It is an honor to be entrusted with your growth and education in our noble and just profession. Join me this week in celebrating the role pharmacists have in patient care, education, disease prevention, management of wellness and advancement of healthcare.  Please great each other this week by reminding each other with kindness and affirming that we all matter, and it is why our patients have entrusted with their care.   

Even in times of celebration we can personally face challenges. Please now that you are not alone. As always, we are here for you as is our University support services. 

Should you need Confidential counseling, it is available at Student Counseling services or call 707-638-5292 to be connected to the Counseling Office.  You can choose Option 3 to speak with a live counselor 24-7.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Stay safe, stay well, stay connected, I love hearing from you by email at if I do not respond in 24 business hours then resend the email and or call 707-333-0567

Dr. Rolly Kali-Rai

(Ranjit) Rolly Kali-Rai MBA Pharm.D. RPh CPPS
Preferred Gender Pronouns (He/Him/His)
Director of Inclusion Touro University California
Assistant Dean of Student Services -
Assistant Professor of Social Behavioral and Administrative Sciences
College of Pharmacy Touro University California
Administrative Bldg 2, Room 116
1310 Club Drive
Vallejo, California 94592
Safe Zone Ally - No Tolerance for racism, sexism or discrimination
You matter and we care call 1-800-273-Talk (8255) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Malynda McGregor
Administrative Coordinator
College of Pharmacy
Administrative Bldg 2, Room 117
Vallejo, California 94592
Email -
Fax - (707) 638-5959
Tel - (707) 638-5934


Touro University California - College of Pharmacy Resources  

Accreditation & Student Performance Data (PDF), 25-August-2021

Book list (PharmD) (PDF+1-Sept-2020 

Curriculum Calendar (PharmD) 

  • Classes of 2025 (P1) & 2024 (P2) - Fall 2021 curriculum calendar - v3.2 (xls) +18-Nov-2021

Electives, Didactic (PharmD) +17-November-2021

Grade Appeal Policy & Procedure v1, Approved by TUCA COP faculty, 6-Nov-19 (PDF

Laptop Requirements (PharmD)

Preparative Materials

  • Biological & Pharmaceutical Sciences Download
  • Medical AbbreviationsDownload
  • Top Drugs 
    • P1 (Class of 2025) - Top 100 Drugs (xls) + 23-July-2021
    • P2 (Class of 2024) - Top 100 Drugs (xls)) + 30-August-2021

Student Event Forms

  • Student Event Checklist (PDF) - Updated 7/9/2018
  • Extracurricular Activity Request Form (PDF)
  • Funds Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF) - Updated 4/6/2017
  • Event Evaluation Form (PDF) - Updated 7/9/2018
  • Brand Standard Logos

Student Handbook (PharmD), 2021-22 (PDF) + 18-Oct-2021

Student Performance Data & Accreditation Information (PDF)

Technical Standards (College of Pharmacy)

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C.A.R.E. Team - Campus Assistance, Response & Evaluation


C.A.R.E. Team - Campus Assistance, Response and Evaluation

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Touro University California Confidential Incident Report


Touro University California Touro University California (TUC) is deeply committed to the safety and health of our students, employees, and visitors.  As per the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act which requires the reporting of certain crimes, TUC has created a Confidential Incident Report which provides a method for anonymously reporting crimes or threats to personal health and safety. TUC encourages reporting of all incidents and crimes experienced or witnessed for investigation and appropriate action. Reporters can remain anonymous if preferred by omitting self-identifying information.   

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Touro University California College of Pharmacy Calendar 


*Subject to change without notice.

JANUARY - Semester start, Touro University California Winter Gala

FEBRUARY - Block A exams, President's Day (campus closed)

MARCH - Purim (campus closed), COP Poster Day, Mega Case Day (P2), Block B PharmD exams, Passover 

APRIL - COP SPring Break, PPC Competency, Campus Research Day, COP Legislative Day, PCOA exam, Touro Pharmacy Alliance (TPA) auction,

MAY - Semester end, COP Kaiser Facility Field Trip, Block C exams, Triple Jump exams, OSCE, P2 Pinning Ceremony, Graduation reception, COP graduation

JUNE - Incoming PharmD Class Mixer, Shavout (campus closed)

AUGUST - Orientation, Semester start, White Coat Ceremony

SEPTEMBER - COP Career & Residency Day, Labor Day (campus closed), Eve of Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah, Block A exams

OCTOBER - American Pharmacist Month, Women Pharmacist Day, Fall Break, PharmD Town Hall meetings, Yom Kippur (campus closed), Sukkot (campus closed)

NOVEMBER - Touro University California Gala Benefit for Scholarships, IPPE Community Day, COP Interview Day, Thanksgiving (campus closed)

DECEMBER - Fall semester ends, Hanukkah begins, Block C exams, 

Student Performance Data & Accreditation Information

Download Student Performance Data & Accreditation 25-August-2021


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